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Could customizable sex robots be your perfect companion?

In a society that loves to experiment with sexual gratification, it comes as no surprise that manufacturers are exploiting modern technology to create sex robots. The future looks bright for those who would love to have a synthetic companion with customizable looks, voice, and sex drive.

Robots are gradually becoming more sophisticated and manufacturers seem determined to create human-like dolls that perform human activities. Recently, we were introduced to robot Sophia, the first AI citizen and it seems that manufacturers are thinking beyond conversations. Robot love is real thanks to companies like Abyss Creations and Realbotix whose focus is on creating strikingly realistic sex dolls. Unlike in real life where you cannot always get what you want in one package, the programmable lover is specifically tailored to your taste.

Sex dolls are gradually becoming a major business such that manufacturers are making a huge investment to make dolls that are as realistic as possible. This has, in turn, encouraged men of means to attempt to create their ideal woman for sex and companionship.

While some people are turned off by the idea of sex dolls, the manufacturers behind their development argue that their products have saved the lives of many lonely men. A male sex robot is said to be in the works for women who want a human-like touch that sex toys cannot provide.

How do sex robots really work?

In addition to being hyper-realistic, sex robots come with several features that enable them to perform their role well. One such feature is the sensor which allows these creations to react to touch. The body is fitted with pressure points which support physical interaction and send feedback to the brain. This allows the sex robots to know when a man is aroused but as with any other sexual session, the robot needs to be aroused before you can engage in sex. They also come with built-in heaters to create the feeling of real body warmth.

Samantha, the brainchild of Synthea Amatus, is the latest sex robot and comes with three sexy settings – romantic, calm, and nasty. She will make sexy remarks depending on the settings. This robot appears quite realistic and in its promotional video, it can be seen in a number of sexual positions and appears aroused.

They come with an SD card located in the head. The robot moans and is able to strike a conversation with you.

Some manufacturers have claimed that they have developed sex robots that can orgasm and recall one’s favorite sex position. They further claim that their dolls provide a better experience than that with a real human. Well, this is, of course, debatable since people’s preferences and experiences differ.

One of the areas that manufacturers are keen on is creating a human-like doll with emotion and able to converse. The idea is to create a robot capable of forming a relationship with its owner. An important thing to note is that while modern technology has enabled manufacturers to develop sex robots that perform their role well, we are not yet at a point that we can be fooled into thinking that they are human.

They cost a petty penny

Now, before we all get excited, it is important to point out that a sex doll model is not cheap. You will be forced to cough a few thousands of dollars for a preconfigured model. The price can start from $3,300. In case you wish to purchase a customized model, you will have to part with several thousands of dollars. The price is, however, expected to fall once more people adopt their use such that much cheaper models can be available in the market.

Manufacturers of these sex robots can make just anything as long as the price is right. However, there are some restrictions since they cannot make sex dolls of animals, children, or people’s re-creations without prerequisite permission.

Are sex robots a yay or nay? Talk to us in the comments section.

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