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8 awesome tech gifts for her this holiday season

The gift giving season is with us. Sadly, finding the perfect gift for the woman in your life can be hectic especially if she is hard to please. Thankfully, we thought ahead. The best part is that we have picked easy-to-find tech gifts that will please her.

Here are 6 stylish and functional tech gifts ideas:

  1. E-reader

In the words of Kenya’s greatest blogger Bikozulu, the sight of a woman immersed in a book is something that should be “framed and dusted regularly”. If she gets lost in a book and even forgets your very presence, an e-reader would be the ultimate gift this holiday season. An e-reader with tons of books will be appreciated especially by a woman who is a total bookworm. Feed her enviable habit with a Kindle subscription or choose from the available options.

2. Smartwatch

A smartwatch will help her get on top of her notifications for incoming texts and emails, track activity – especially for busy moms, and support select features like the selfie camera. In case she is into fitness, you will be killing two birds with one stone.

3. Fitness tracking bracelet

Fitness trackers come in various forms but the fitness tracking bracelet is a stunner. This bracelet is a thoughtful tech gift when it comes to helping a woman track her fitness progress. Ensure that you purchase one that is compatible with her Android or iPhone gadgets.

4. Gadget case

A gadget case may seem like an everyday item but have you seen the sparkly and unique cases from Case-Mate? The super slim cases will be the perfect tech gift for the woman in your life. There are numerous options to choose from for both iPhone and Android phones.

5. iRing

The iRing is an awesome smartphone accessory and the ultimate gift for the girl who detests protective cases. It will allow her to comfortably grip her device. If she likes to text in bed, the iRing will come in handy and save her from dropping the phone on her face. It is a simple but functional gift that will double up as extra security for her phone and save her from the pain of a handset dropping on her chin.

6. Wireless charging pad

Charging a phone has become a big annoyance especially since the battery time for most smartphones is only a few hours. If she owns the iPhone 8 or X, a wireless charging pad will be appreciated. This charging pad will also charge high-end Android phones that support wireless charging such as Galaxy S8.

7. Instant camera

An instant camera is a winner in the eyes of a photographer. Elevate her camera experience by getting her a camera that will allow her to preserve memories in print. This should be a top pick if she an adventurous selfie lover.

8. The ultimate gadget

In case you are feeling benevolent this holiday season, get her a high-end gadget which can mean an upgrade from what she already owns. This will definitely be well received.

There you have it. Put a smile on her face by buying functional tech gifts.

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